Hello, my name is Rohan Dhungana and I’m grade 10 student and I study civil engineering in Bhutandevi Secondary School.

When it was first time of mine in this school I was anxious as well as little nervous but after consultation/ causerie of my teacher and looking their teaching style I felt some kind of positive waves which remove my all nervousness and made me worried free . Also I wondered that this school have more and nice facilities then my previous school where I had been studied & also I recognized all teachers are qualified, friendly and co-operative in nature. They teaches very well so that even the weakest students can also understand lessons. And I even don’t know  that how fast mine one years had been pass studying in this school so I prefers all parents to take their kids admissions  in ours school Bhutandevi Secondary School Technical education and provide their sons/daughter all facilities and make their future bright.